Prologue 1 - The fall

Your vision is blurry and your body aches. Blood on your neck is already dry. 40m above, the huge stone shaft opens into the starry night outside, quietly beckoning you. Down here, in a cave, it is cold and dark.

After waking up on a cold floor, all wounded from the 40m drop, you realize you don’t quite remember who you are. You can recognize each other as friends. After gathering planks and rope, and realizing there is no way to get back up the shaft, you venture deeper into the caves.

Exploring in the darkness and speculating whether you fell into the shaft or were thrown down, you follow water. For a split second you can hear footsteps in the dark. Not sure if those are people or animals.

After traipsing around the tunnels you encounter light – coming from strange glowing mushrooms – and a huge subterranean lake going out into the darkness. You notice a huge stone sphere, half buried on a nearby small island, 30m away. Mushrooms don’t seem edible.

You follow the lake shore to the left, passing near some mushrooms with bite marks. After encountering a dead end, you return, passing by some more bite marks. You can now distinctly hear footsteps behind you, following you – and it sounds like it has claws.

Searching for a safe place to rest you pass by a warm wall. You find a small plateau with some dead vegetation on it and a huge shaft over you that has been blocked by falling boulders.

Some planks connect the shore of the lake with a small island. And that small island is connected with another – with a same (improvised) wooden bridge. And on the shore you can hear something – it sounds like a mining pick.

Walking over those wooden planks, from one island to another – some illuminated by glowing mushrooms, some not – you can distinctly hear the sound of a waterfall. Behind a huge cliff, you encounter a village.

Illuminated. Full of people. Your first reaction is to hide.

Then suddenly you notice another warm wall. While investigating it Karn puts the hand, palms forward fingers spread, on it and it opens! It opens loud and you can see the ground shaking. On the other side you can see steps going up in the darkness.

You can hear guards from the village approaching by wooden planks and you all hide on the other side of the Warmthstone. After some planning, you decide to check the village out. You step outside, (Warmthstone makes some more noise) and the guards come.

After some negotiating and checking with the village elder the guards take you to him.

He is an old man, scared and scarred by the life in the Cave Halls. He explains that you are welcome in his village if you are willing to work and not cause trouble by mongering about getting out of this prison. Also he expresses his doubts that you might be murderers.

  • this is a prison, New Ghis, built over 700 years ago
  • he was born here, never seen the light of the day; only saw the entrance (The Hole) once
  • there might be more people down here
  • walls are of limestone
  • Warmthstone is a legend of some demon, warm walls are likely of volcanic origin

Finishing the conversation, elder stood up and allowed you to use his house for rest. He summoned the village to give a speech about you.


  • Fangore: [/] Athletics 1
  • Karn: [/] Athletics 1

Player questions

  • Fangore – how did we end up in New Ghis, organizacija
  • Timberwolf – home: crypt islands, priče o demonima / kripte
  • Lupus – home: merchant city, ruka



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