Prologue 2 - Beast of stone

talking with Ennesar, the explorer is missing
cant open Warmthstone south of the village
stone responds to metal arm but not to feet
exploring the spire, supplies, furniture, gargoyle, fountain
checking out the sphere, cold to touch, runes around, tried to move it but it was hard, tired
(spheres mark the entrance to the underdark, put here by an army)

back to village, showing the spire to Ennesar
spire wont open when he’s around
gargoyle gone
takes water, its salty

exploring some more
blood on mushrooms
another warmthstone, opens slightly
wood farm, platform, pile of skulls on the platform
talk with Ennesar, 6 people gone missing in the last 2 months
(explorer, an old man and a woman and 3 more)

locating another Warmthstone in a huge chamber
stairs, tunnel, shafts above
glowing flowers – only grow in the underdark (very dangerous place, don’t go alone)
gargoyle stone sounds, talking with the gargoyle
(village is in danger, i am not the demon here, he will need a sacrifice)

moving tribe, great force
retreat, they explore, retract bridges
Ennesar is warned, all bridges retracted
watch from spire as the exploring party finds blood on the mushroom
they call for reinforcments



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