New Ghis

Infamous Cave Halls of New Ghis, a prison complex / incarceration camp for dangerous mass murderers and political traitors. It is almost 700 years old.

Ubiquitously feared by common folk, and rightly so. As far as tales go, Cave Halls were originally built to imprison a demon or demons that in the end escaped using Warmthstone.

Total prison population cannot be estimated. Usually 1 convicted every 6 months or so.


New Ghis isn’t an ordinary prison. There are no guards, no supervision and no cells, except those that the prisoners built themselves in the limestone walls.

It is a small island far off the coast. A new prisoner is transported by ship and lowered with ropes down a 40m shaft into the caves, never to see light of day again. This shaft is called the Hole by prisoners. It is 5×5m wide and 20m deep following a 20m drop.

Down in the caves prisoners are free to roam and live, but they live in complete darkness, without much food and being hunted by beasts from the dark. They are extremely dangerous. As they dwell around the Hole, convicts who survive them never come back to the Hole and pretty quickly loose themselves in the caves.


Convicts gather in small villages, pop. around 50. They have children and live out their pitiful lives in the dark Cave Halls of New Ghis. Most of them are born in the caves and have never seen the light of day.

Life is harsh. Light source are strange glowing mushrooms and torchlight. Weapons are made of wood that is hard to find and easy to break. Metal is extremely valuable. Thus they are frightful to venture away from their village and light, explore the caves or search for a way out.

Water is plentiful in subterranean lakes. Diet includes glowing mushrooms (with side effects of hair turning white), fish and rarely beast meat.


Even for such a decrepit and foreign place, some things fall out of place.

  • Warmthstone
  • Village counting 40-50 poeple located in the middle of an underground lake, connected with the rest of the caves with wooden planks
  • A strange stone sphere, located just out of safe reach on a small island on a subterranean lake

New Ghis

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